Wickedly Ethereal (ashen_key) wrote in blackbiology,
Wickedly Ethereal

Sasha and Jack: a phone call, 1975 (six months after Paris)

Jack: Ring. Ring.

"Epsilon? Sasha - oh, god, why am I calling you? This is. Is insane. Jack. Look, I - oh, god. Oh, god."

Sasha: A long pause. “Hey, Jack.”

Jack: A laugh, wild and hysterical. "Sasha. I, I'm calling the woman who's hunting me. There's, there's blood everywhere, Sash, everywhere and oh god it's still in my head, I can hear it. How do you do it?"

Sasha: Simply, “You don’t mean how, do you? Sometimes guns, sometimes knifes, sometimes I strangle…but you don’t mean that, do you?”

Jack: "Not the method, that was easy, but I can feel it in my mind, empaths were never supposed to be exposed to this." He was breathing in short, loud gasps. "Is it easier when you're empty?"

Sasha: “Jack,” and her voice was soft and sleepy, “I don’t feel anything. The fight is a kick, a struggle, that I can feel for I am just human. Adrenaline like everyone else. But is it easier? I don’t know. I can’t stop.”

Jack: "Talk to me." Almost begging. "Talk to me, please, say anything. Just give me something else."

Sasha: “Anything?”

Jack: "Anything, please."

Sasha: "Любовь, как роза, роза красная,
Цветет в моем саду.
Любовь моя - как песенка,
С которой в путь иду.

Сильнее красоты твоей
Моя любовь одна.
Она с тобой, пока моря
Не высохнут до дна.

Не высохнут моря, мой друг,
Не рушится гранит,
Не остановится песок,
А он, как жизнь, бежит...

Будь счастлива, моя любовь,
Прощай и не грусти.
Вернусь к тебе, хоть целый свет
Пришлось бы мне пройти! "

Jack: Slowly, his breathing got quieter.

"Thank you, Sasha."

Sasha: "It's okay." Her voice was still oddly sleepy. "I can quote Shakespeare in Russian."

Jack: "Did I wake you up?"

Sasha: "Da."

Jack: "I'm sorry." A muffled sound, like a sob, and then, whispered: "oh, god, I'm so sorry."

Sasha: There was a pause, and the sound of fabric rustling. "It really affects you this much?"

Jack: "I'm an empath." Another hysterical-sounding laugh. "I felt them die."

Sasha: "Aaaaah," and it was more of a sigh than anything else. "No hint of enlightenment?"

Jack: "This is insane. You're hunting me. I. I should go."

Sasha: "Are you going to do anything stupid?"

Jack: "Define 'stupid'."

Sasha: "Rash, impulsive, something you'd regret if you were alive to regret. You're a clever man, I'm sure you get my drift."

Jack: "No. I'm going to find a new hotel in case you trace this call, and then sleep."

Sasha: "You do that, sweetpea."

Jack: Another laugh.

"Sweetpea. Why not. Catch you later, Sasha."

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